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Toxic feminist of venomous feminism are trapped by capitalism and wasting the golden period of life

Capitalism using feminist as modern day slavery. After read this article you'll better enlightened about impact of capitalism on feminism & all factor

The main focus of this article will be about capitalism and how it has captured feminism into modern-day slavery. Once you have gone through this article, you should be better enlightened about the level of impact that capitalism has on feminism and all the factors that are associated with it.

Before delving into this issue, here is a brief explanation of what capitalism is;


Capitalism is an economic system in which non-public individuals or organizations own capital goods. The manufacturing of products and services is based totally on supply and demand in the preferred marketplace which is called a market economy as opposed to central planning which is known as a planned economy system or command economy.


The core objective of feminism is to level the playing field between all genders. Feminism is basically about all genders having the same amount of opportunities and equal rights.

For a very long time, capitalism has been a trap for women (especially the working class). These women try to the best of their abilities while skipping several hurdles to acquire proper education only for them to be paid less than their male counterparts( at times without their knowledge).

While the notion of women belonging in the kitchen is now mostly a thing of the past, true equality has still not been achieved.

Companies now employ female employees to fill a quota that would be regarded as fair and acceptable by society not because these employees are the most qualified( the funny thing is that, most times, these women are the most appropriate for such positions).

While such companies appear to the outside world as free and fair, internally, they treat female employees differently than they treat their male counterparts. Such employees are paid lesser than their male counterparts and they are often treated with lesser respect.

In such instances, when it comes to the time to move up the corporate ladder, once the most appropriate employee is a woman, an excuse is hastily cooked up and the next best male employee is given the promotion.

This is not to say that Capitalism has not empowered women. Over the years, it has served as a platform for many women to gain an immense amount of power and rise to the very top of the industry.

The stigmatization of women in the world of capitalism is not something that just started. There is a long-chained history of the passive abuse of women in the business world.

This “special” treatment of women starts right from the time of the interview. Interviewers in the world of capitalism tend to often than not be men whose mindset is fixated on giving female candidates as much of a hard time as they can.

Such an interviewer aims to ensure that such “female” candidates are made to look as bad as possible. In most of these instances, male candidates with lesser qualifications have a better chance of being employed than their female counterparts who might possess a far better level of qualification.

If they are by any means employed, they are faced with the next obvious which is shaking off the tag of being a slut. Although many people might deny it, more than half of the world's population is close-minded. Imagine seeing a newly employed beautiful girl at your place of work for the very first time, without taking into consideration the qualifications she might possess the first thing that comes to your mind might be the assumption that she slept with the boss to gain employment. While this type of thought might be considered as being inappropriate to say out loud, this is just how this our society has programmed our mind to be.

While being a pretty woman should be regarded as a plus, it is ma immorality of the highest order to assume that an attractive woman was employed simply because she is attractive.

While shaking off the tag of “slut” who slept with the boss might be relatively impossible, doing so does not usually mean you will be treated as equal. Another important issue is the gradual passive reduction of roles which many women face today.

Nowadays, during team meetings where coffees are required, it is quite common for the male boss to constantly suggest that his female employee makes the coffee run. Once she does this once or twice, all other members of the meeting assume that this is part of her job description.

The funny thing is, most of these women happily tend to these secondary duties without realizing that they are being ridiculed because of their gender (put it at the back of your mind that might not apply to secretaries as such duties might be part of their job description.

Several other issues are not as pronounced or popular as differences in pay but are just as serious. So, while the fight against the differences in pay has mostly been won in the business world, capitalism has worked its way around the very ideas which feminism stands for.

Once you have gone through this article, you should have a better idea of the relations between feminism and capitalism, how it intertwines and works together and you should be very familiar with how the world of capitalism is rigged against honest working-class women.

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