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A very unique comparison of "Real Feminism vs Toxic Feminism" & modern day's toxic Feminism

This article is about the most sensitive issue ever known to mankind, feminism. It'll be highlighted and discussed all the concepts of toxic feminism.


This article is about one of the most sensitive issues ever known to mankind, feminism. Issues that will be highlighted and discussed are the concept of feminism and what is referred to as toxic feminism along with related issues. I hope you enjoy the article.


Feminism means working closely together to reach global gender equality. All people are born the same, irrespective of gender, race, or sexuality. However, there are so many factors of life where humans aren't handled equally.

Feminism is about working towards the systems built to hold certain groups of human beings oppressed, and striving closer to equality for everybody. It tries combating intersectionality and acknowledging how race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic repute  feminism

Instead of assuming that feminists are all girls who keep grudges towards all men, we ought to assume that any man or woman who labels themselves as a feminist is sick of the often common gender pay gap, inconsistency in appreciation, and common discrimination due to their gender.

Both women and men are making jest of people who identify themselves as feminists because they assume that they hate guys and are too isolating and too opinionated; those views can be attributed to a lack of education of the term. These ideals need to be abandoned and people should open their eyes to the reality of feminism. It is the choice and right to be handled similarly with the same possibilities, irrespective of gender.

these women work tirelessly, as do the guys but are earning much less for the identical hours. They are not on equal pay notwithstanding doing the identical task. This loss of parity demonstrates a loss of respect. Feminists might argue that men and women dwelling in an honest society have to be paid an equal income.

It is not just within the place of work where feminism is disregarded. Human beings can judge someone who calls themselves a feminist before they even hear their name. They're right away branded with the stereotypes that they're dramatic, sexist, and isolating. This terrible stigma around feminism needs to be erased and ended as opposed to passing these perspectives onto future generations, poisoning them with the toxic thoughts that feminists are irrational and guy-hating misandrists. It's far more important to spread the word that crying doesn’t make guys any much less of a man or simply a lack of masculinity, and a load of home tasks doesn’t have to fall on the female’s shoulders inside a family. Anybody, irrespective of gender, must have the freedom and right to explore any route, and experience and put any emotion on display.  It is pure ignorance of the true meaning of feminism that is infecting the feminist movement, making it into an insult in place of making it a logical, egalitarian ideology to be happy with.

Toxic feminism

Poisonous feminism is the perception that women have to constantly be higher up than men. Frequently backed with physical or verbal abuse towards the alternative gender. This shouldn't be mixed up with feminism.

It is an embodiment of double standards and misandry, that is void of self-reflection. Wherein third-wave feminists agree that it is ok to act rudely to the other sex for no reason apart from the fact that they're men. They condemn what they deem as "toxically masculine" behaviors among guys such as competitiveness, love for bodily activities, and emotional stoicism. Mockingly, they see no fault with their juvenilely privileged and sheltered female behaviors, which includes spreading gossip, commenting on one another's clothing, oggling nice looking guys, and overreacting emotionally to trivial matters.

While many identify as feminists, meaning they fight for equality of the sexes, some take pleasure in remarks, ways of being, and ideologies, which counter their self-proclaimed “feminist” reputation. Lots of these people don’t realize it, but a variety of what they put into the world is hypocritical to what they accept as true is a part of their core ideals as feminists.

Our modern-day generation has been very socially revolutionary. However, with regards to the subject of gender equality, that development has morphed into a concept that creates a fake belief of feminism. Feminism should no longer function as a justification for women to disqualify men through aggressive or discriminatory attitudes.

Some vindictive ladies have excused their pessimistic attitudes towards guys with the word ‘feminism’, which isn’t what it’s intended to encapsulate. The composition of the word itself is similar to the phrase “female”, which might also give off the incorrect impression that it's far particularly toward girls. However, it relates to guys as much as it does to ladies.

Irrespective of whether the condescending mindset towards guys is manufactured from resentment over the history of gender inequality, it's far too petty to depict a guy as an evil specimen while morality isn't decided to utilize the gender of someone.

 There is a very clear difference between women's empowerment and the belittling of men. And there is a difference between fighting for equality and criticizing someone strictly on the premise of their gender. Neither gender has to put the other one down to emphasize their capability. Instead, feminism should be at the aid of all of the sexes without the minimization of the other. 

Seeing as you have just gone through this article, you should have a better understanding of feminism, toxic feminism, if they relate or not, and if they are the same.

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