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Toxic feminism misguiding our society, morality and brainwashing new generation

No matter the kind & level of immorality you involved. Until you can intertwine it with the notion of inequality or toxic feminism, you should be safe

Most of the misguided concepts and strange ideas in circulation today can easily be traced back to the toxic side of feminism. Although the intent and idea are both amazing and right, during the supposed fight for equality over the years, a lot of moral concepts have either been neglected, twisted, or misinterpreted.

No matter the kind and level of immorality you are involved in, as long as you can intertwine it with the notion of inequality or toxic masculinity, you should be safe.

Once a case of inequality or toxic masculinity is heard, feminists from all corners of the world will arise without the urge or will to listen to the full ( and sometimes true) story. Once the narrative fits perfectly into their agenda, they are good to go.

More often than not, these so-called feminists who claim to fight for justice and equality end up victimizing innocent men just to make an example out of them. These kinds of men who are victims come out of such cases with their images and reputations tarnished.  

This article aims to examine how feminism has misguided our society at large and the impacts it has had on the morality of the population of the society.

One of the issues to be taken into consideration is the level of emphatical concern that has been placed on having a career, what it entails, and its effects and impacts.

Another issue that will be taken into consideration is the high rate of educated women who have bought into the ideas of and follow toxic feminists.

Late pregnancy problems and their relation with toxic feminism will also be taken into consideration and examined briefly.

Once you have gone through this article, you should have a better grasp of how feminism has misguided our society and impacted its morality negatively.

Nowadays, most educated women have chosen to pour all of their time into their jobs rather than pouring their time and resources into trying to find happiness.

Do not get me wrong,  being career-oriented isn't necessarily a bad thing. But nowadays, due to the pressure derived from the messages being passed across constantly by toxic feminism, being aggressively career-oriented has sort of becoming a kind of obsession.

Although this might be a source of joy derivation for some women, it shouldn't be the standard for measuring the success of women. Although all women are capable of being work-oriented and being successful at it, not all women would be happy working in a standard office setup.

Women who do not choose to work on a day-to-day basis should not be stigmatized or shamed.

Also worth noting and discussing is the increasing rate at which educated women have bought into the radical ideologies of toxic feminists.  These ideas are often biased and extremely toxic.

How the so-called learned female class bought into these ideas is both unexpected and unexplainable.

The expectation would normally be that since they are educated people, they would easily recognize the less pronounced propagandas behind these campaigns and hereby advise and counsel the less educated against such ideologies.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of the followership of these self-proclaimed feminists ( with ideologies that aggressively preaches supremacy rather than equality) is comprised of extremely learned women.

These kinds of women often have spiteful attitudes towards all men ( even the ones that they just met). This sort of attitude grows over time into hatred and which might in turn result in loneliness.

Once you grow into this type of attitude, you lash out constantly( even without realizing it) and this discourages people from approaching you ( even people who might add value to your life).

Another important issue thought which feminism has misguided our society and derailed our morality is through late pregnancy and the issues related to it. One of the fanatical ideas related to toxic feminism is the notion that being pregnant somehow depletes or devalues the role and significance of women in our society. Women who are married or pregnant are usually seen by these toxic feminists as being under the influence of men. These women are viewed as being without valid opinions or tangible thoughts. To sum things up in a shorter sentence, they are viewed as silly or senseless.

Most of these feminists with extreme hostility towards men would never be caught pregnant. To them, the implication of being pregnant is that men have won.

The irony of this is that when most of these women are close to their menopausal stage, they run into panic mode. Some of these women have their eggs harvested while others decide to have a baby (which they usually choose to raise on their own).

For those who choose to have a baby, there are many possibilities of risks that are associated with having a baby at such a late stage. The effort and care that would be required to safeguard the safety of the pregnancy and healthy delivery of the baby or babies would be significant.

Taking into account all the points that have been highlighted and elaborate on in this article, you should be able to point out the various ways through which feminism is misguiding our society and derailing our level of morality.

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