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The Radical Feminism Ideology | Destroying Family and The Social Ecosystem

Feminist says, the patriarchy is the reigning status quo of society. A revolution is necessary because women have to rise up and over the patriarchy.
The so-called toxic feminists & radical feminism activities are full of lies and manipulations. In this article, I will describe how toxic feminists destroying family relationships. Also, I will show how radical feminists are destroying the ecosystem of our sociology.

How, Radical Feminism Ideology Destroying Social Ecosystem
Radical Feminism Destroying Family and The Social Ecosystem
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What Radical feminists saying:

The women of the radical feminism world believe that every man and all religion are corrupted.

They believe marital bonds and taking care of the husband's parents are slavery. They think raising children & family responsibilities are a chain of slavery.

Then toxic feminists want the equality right for education, right to vote, right for own property, job. Also, radical feminists want to be treated as equals in marriage & society by the law.

Radical feminists want such a kind of discrimination law where only men will punish for extramarital affairs. Also, they want to dominate power over masculinity by the women-friendly law.

Toxic feminists can easily sue a man using women-friendly law. There are many cases of false accusations, rape, torture, false life threat, etc.

The so-called radical feminists said that they want to legalize the prohibited child abortion. Indirectly they want to be more vulgar with women-friendly law.

Toxic feminists want such a kind of freedom for a free physical relationship & irresponsible live together. Where social, moral, and religious values won't bound toxic feminists.

And many vulgar feminists protesting to establish and legalize that kind of disgraceful women-friendly law.

What Radical Feminists Doing:

The feminists from the radical feminism world are doing the same thing. Toxic feminists used to blame men for the same reason, which they're doing it now by themselves.

Suppose a person watches the news continuously for at least three days. Then the person will see there is some incident like male child raped, abuse, mentally torture.

Also, the person will see that married men accused of false rape, torture, false life threat, etc. And the saddest part is when the sorted harassment cases come up, women are not punishing for the false accusations.

Many times men also get killed by a toxic feminist. Then toxic feminists are supported by radical feminism.

Also, toxic feminism is getting blind support by common social sense, women's rights.

But still, society & state laws providing an unethical comfort zone for toxic feminists and show sympathy.

And the reality is toxic feminists are following the same kind of policy of manhood. They are doing the same type of wrongdoing of manhood.

Bitter Truth of Toxic Feminism:

But today's modern toxic feminists have taken the feminism battle so far. Also, they've taken away women’s freedom and rights into a new era. Which is a pure nonsense ideology.

Toxic feminist's agenda doesn't consider that women are a necessary part of a family build-up. And the families are the backbone of a good and healthy society.

They think taking care of family is a kind of domestic slavery. They also think obeying a husband is painful labor work.

Toxic feminists discourage women from getting pregnant & having children. Because they think pregnancy will ruin their attractive fitness and acceptability of another man.

Later at old age, toxic feminists feel regret. When Toxic feminists ages are old, and they failed to build a family with a cute child.

You can find this kind of thousand incident stories in TV news, social media, newspaper, etc.

So, The radical feminists are playing the divide and rule game. They're using religious morality and innocence of manhood. Then they divide basic humanity for feminist's one-sided interests.

How toxic feminism destroying family:

How, Toxic Feminism Destroying Family
How Toxic Feminism Destroying Family
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Facts #1

We know feminists are looking for equality. But they want to gain power over manhood and trying to rule them. Then where the difference? One devil has gone another came.

Throughout history, the family has been playing as the ultimate and only consistent organization of humanity builder.

Then radical feminism theory came as an enduring permanent enemy of all hierarchies, churches, ideologies, and families.

Facts #2

Feminism has destroyed the chain of command & ecosystem of a family. It has undermined men’s authority over their children.

Toxic feminists use their children and raise them as Misogynistic. But none can see the pain of manhood.

Facts #3

As seen in one survey, Toxic feminists are earning a handsome amount of money. But still, they prefer to spend their husband's money.

And the social organization's survey says society's tradition allows it happily. Then I ask, where is equality?

Facts #4

Feminists say they believe in gender equality. But I request you, just once read the social scientists survey and research.

All the independent toxic feminists prefer late marriage. Cause they seek to enjoy boundless physical relationships without any responsibilities.

As a result, Toxic feminists producing a fatherless society. Where other women usually dominate single-mother families. But they accuse men of all those incidents.

And recently, these incidents are becoming the norm of feminism.

Facts #5

We've seen, women are confused about their actual roles. And they prefer to think men & women are equal.

Then feminists try to play such a role which is made for only men by nature in family. They never try to accept that women have another kind of honorable role in a family.

So with the ultimate result being a family breakdown and child - father alienation happen. At last, bitterness & hate creates a cycle of conflict and heartbreak for all who are involved.

Facts #6

Most people may think that global warming & the environment are the two major problems we face. But the worst thing is the destruction of family structure by toxic feminists. Now, these days it's pervasive in our society.

The empowering of men makes feminists angry. And anger produces violence. So all the responsibility of men to control their behavior. And this anger issue reinforces the childlike approach of feminists.

So naturally, feminists should continue relationships. However, it's too hard to be back to the normal situation. Cause toxic feminists made all the mess by their foolishness.

Facts #7

From a recent case study, Toxic feminists bailout quickly & leaving a trail of heartbreak and destruction in their wake. It is inhuman.

For these reasons, men are not interested in marriage anymore. As a result, the family builds up traditions breaking down.

Facts #8

The toxic feminist movement has done more damage to family bonding than any other cultural activity in recent memory. Because of the harmful feminist movement, they've legalized and subsidized child abortions all over the world.

Facts #9

For the feminist movement, many mothers have been encouraged to leave their children raised by strangers.

Toxic feminists believe that irresponsible relationships are great pleasure than being responsible for building a family.

Facts #10

For the reason of the feminist movement, men have lost their sense of true identity. Also lost the nature of masculinity. As a result, balanced relationships are collapsing, and morality is damaged.

Because of the feminist movement, fathers have left their homes and families. Then, men have sought companionship with other men; and women have pursued it with other women.

Facts #11

Because of the feminist movement, feminism questioned religious beliefs as outdated and unlawful. So that all of the feminists become atheists.

And we all know, an atheist doesn't believe in God or any religious morality. This way, they also breaking the essential chain of command of life. So they keep themselves out of any responsibility or ethics.

But without any policy of morality and ethical commitment, no state or society can prosper.
So this is how toxic feminists are involved in soft crime. And this shit is happening regular basis.

Facts #12

When feminists are young age, they want to live a single life. Without any family responsibilities and become toxic feminists. Young feminists earn and spend the way of arbitrary use for only their pleasure.

When feminists are young age, they talk about the woman freedom, woman right, single life, live together blah blah blah.

Later, when those particular toxic feminists get old age, They accuse manhood of breaking the family bond, not living children & parents together.

Then they say the new generation has been misguided by masculinity. It is ridiculous.

They also say the new generation don't want to live with old age parents. And all the blame only goes to manhood.

See ?
Do you see the double standard of toxic feminism ideology ?

When feminists are young age, they lure manhood by the name of woman rights, woman freedom. Then when they get older, they play the blame game.

How Toxic Feminism Destroying The Ecosystem of Sociology:

Innocent woman misled by modern toxic feminist ideology. In this modern-day, a lot of highly educated females have hated radical feminism ideology.

Feminism is good until feminism turns evil itself. Then whole feminism ideology becomes toxic feminism.

Imagine, If you have a fever and your neighbor caught by cancer. Then you saw that your neighbor cancer patient is taking a lot of chemotherapy and a lot of medicine. Now, will you take those massive medicines for your slight fever ?"

Absolutely not, Right ?
At this point, toxic feminists play a manipulation game.

We all know, A lot of women being abused, raped, and various kind of victimized. But that doesn't mean all the manhood become a rapist.

Just because abused some women, that doesn't mean all feminists should hate manhood.

Does it make sense ?
I know; the answer is A Big NO.

So, toxic feminist suggests all women. For false charge cases, any little things happen between a man and woman or husband and wife.

There are always ups and downs. But feminists always blame entire manhood for any oppressed women. Then they go to the road and start protesting for punishment for all men.

Now let me ask you, Dear feminists.
Even an animal partner never make-out with other animals. Without finishing the running course. Toxic feminists demand a sarcastic type of law where toxic feminists say, My body my choice.

Does it make sense ?
If it makes sense, please let me know how ? I want to learn also.

And the lamest joke is gender equality. How, feminism defined gender equality ? How ?

While feminist demands one-sided beneficial "Gender-based law" for only women. Then where the hell "Gender Equality" theory gone ?

If toxic feminists demand gender equality, they must not divide humanity by the name of woman rights.

Why man ? Why woman ?
We all are human beings. That's the actual topic.

So this is how toxic feminism plays with innocent moralities of religion, society, law, and order. As a result, Innocent new generation children brainwashing by toxic feminisms toxicity.

Long Before, When Feminism Wasn't Born:

Even a few decades ago, the family structure was good enough to rule. It was an iconic fashion to be from a large family tree and live with a joint family. In that century, social experts defined gender roles clearly.

And history provides us proves that they were happy in that era.

A father always knows best for the future of his children. And mother always stood for feed, comfort, and rely upon common sense. For the most valuable part, dad was the breadwinner, mom the nurturer.

Children are a product of marriage, and marriage was only between a man and a woman. Divorce rates were low, and the majority of couples remain married for the rest of their lives.

Welfare roles were almost non-existent, as were out-of-wedlock births. The family might not have been perfect, but it was intact, and the lack of social programs and crime reflected it.

To follow the history of the changing family, one must only follow the history of the feminist movement. The correlation between the two clearly outlines the influence radical feminism has had on the family's breakdown.

For several years, the family has been under scrutiny and attack on the radical feminist movement in the 1960s. Today the family is certainly different than what it once was.

In this modern era, our society has now been so feminized. So, all toxic feminists affording every possible support and comfort. At the same time, manhood facing languishes and flounder in a sea of emotion and financial hardship. In many cases, it's leading to suicide.

The modern feminisms ideology says the patriarchy is the reigning status for society all over the globe. In this case, if feminism wants to move towards a superior form of association. Then a revolution is necessary for radical feminism.

Cause radical feminists think women have to rise and overthrow the patriarchy. When feminism becomes toxic, they see manhood as their sworn enemy.

Keep that thought in mind. Then you'll understand why the lunatic fringe of the radical feminist movement genuinely believes that the victims of the patriarchal oppression of the cis-gendered, straight, and white male.

Feminists try to achieve the secret agenda of domination over manhood. Also, Radical feminism ideology tends to denigrate the traditional family chain of command. Then they suggest that it’s an outdated way of life.

That’s why they hate the idea of being a housewife, taking care of mother/father-in-law. It is also why they hate the women who choose to lead a peaceful life of domesticity.

Often women are shamed for choosing to excuse themselves from the workforce because their husbands financially support them.

Notice how the same shame can't inflict on women who are financially dependent on the government or on sugar daddies.

Conclusion of this article:

There was a wise saying,

"The Family Chain Protects As The First Line Of Defense Against All Kind Of Tyranny."

Historically, the institution of marriage always stands as a safeguard for building a happy family. Also, the primary family structure is what one would expect to provide the necessary support for a person to make a peaceful and progressive life.

That was independent of the interference of outsiders like feminisms. A husband and wife will decide how to live their lives and how they will raise their children. Also, they live together with relatives and make a joint family.

We can say a person is fortunate enough if he was born into a loving family. Or if he succeeds in building one around him, which includes non-blood relationships.

It’s a valuable part of life to have a happy family with lots of relatives to love. The other (inferior) alternative is to be dependent on the state for this need.

When you favor an unethical worldview that tends to dissolve a family's stability, you'll find enough social breakdown there. Then these issues will call for more government intervention in a person’s personal life. Then a peaceful life will become hell.

Solid and stable families will prevent the rise of Toxic Feminism or Capitalism. Cause when a person has a robust support system behind them in the formation of their family. They need not seek the help of the state.

So, This is how feminism becomes radical feminism. Then this is how radical feminism is destroying our family bond and the ecosystem of sociology.

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