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Feminists of toxic feminism destroying happy family life & ecosystem of society for unusual career concern & freedom

Focusing on your career only require you to let go of your dating life & relationship. Cause hostility towards men isn't usually an attractive quality

The rate at which toxic feminism is spreading nowadays is alarming. It's spread is quicker than wildlife. The result of this is unwarranted hostility towards the opposite sex.

When you examine the memorandum of this kind of and listen to their propagandas, you will easily discover that their aim is not equality in all things, it is rather a superiority.

The method through which these kinds of feminists pass their messages across has a lot less to do with preaching and much more to do with condemnation and enforcement of the rules and guidelines which they have deemed appropriate to draft by themselves.

The cost of this kind of feminism is usually derogatory and it usually results in a lot of things which has impacted our livelihood (usually negative).

The objective of this article is to talk about the costs of toxic feminism such as how it has impacted the decision of many women to focus solely on their career and nothing else, the impact of toxic feminism on the destruction of happiness in our day to day activities, it's impact on the late conception of babies and its relation to old age sickness.

The teachings and preachings of toxic feminists have a considerably great influence on why so many women ( most especially single women) have decided to focus solely on their career. The toxic teachings of these so-called feminists  the mind of these women to believe that men are the enemy no matter what they do and how they do it. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have or haven't done. Once you are a man, you are guilty of all the crimes of masculine toxicity.

For most of these women, the decision to disregard men comes from a singular experience which they had with an entirely different man.

Not all of these career-focused women derive job from what they do. Some of them focus on their career with a competitive mindset of boots with men in all ways. While this is a positive thing and quite refreshing, doing a job you do not enjoy out of spite may lead to unhappiness and it may be detrimental to the state of the mind. Pursuing a career shouldn't mean letting go of your happiness.

Most of the , focusing squarely on your career will require all you have got( body and soul ). Being career-oriented shouldn't be at the detriment of your social life. Keeping an open mind and having fun without being on high alert will go a long way in helping to keep your mental strength and stability, and it will also help to rejuvenate you.

Focusing on your career may require you to let go of your dating life or relationship at times because hostility towards men isn't usually an attractive quality.

Adopting the ideas preached by toxic feminists will result in the adoption of several ideas and lifestyles. One of such decisions is abstinence from all men. One of the results of abstaining from all men is a refusal to have sexual intercourse which in turn means not having children( most of the time). If such a woman changes her mind later on in life, getting pregnant might prove to be a difficulty and when she gets pregnant, extra precautions will have to be taken to ensure the safety of both the baby and the mother. The reason for such extra precautions is age. The older you are when you get pregnant, the riskier it gets.  

Also, there is a lot of loneliness associated with trying to abstain from or do without all men. This loneliness is easier to micromanage when you are still young. Once you start to get old, it gets a little bit trickier. At this stage, you are not so hell-bent on following all the rules and guidelines of the memorandum you have seemingly mastered but at this point, you are stuck in your ways.

As all sorts of old age  set in, you start to think over your decision to not just be hostile again men who exhibit traits of toxic feminism but to be hostile to all men( whether guilty or not).  You would then start to wonder if sharing this kind of  with a special one would have been far much better.

With the few points that have been grazed in this article, I believe once you go through it, you should have a better understanding of toxic feminism and the costs that comes along with it.

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