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A scary result of modern toxic feminism is, A huge rate of abortion, bastard child & pornography

The issue of nudism is toxic feminism has grown in society to promote huge rate of abortion, bastard child, pornography & increased level of shameless


Feminism has done a lot of great when it comes to reaching out and changing the perspective of the narrow-minded. It cannot be denied that without the influence of feminism, the world wouldn't be this advanced and the level of injustice in a society would be at an alarming rate.

Nevertheless, despite all the positive and obvious impacts of the real version of feminism, there are now several self-proclaimed feminists whose beliefs can be regarded as toxic. Rather than preaching equality, they would rather aggressively promote their memorandums and propagandas which more than often tends to promote a higher level of standard and treatment for women rather than preach equality.

This article will describe( to its best ability ), how toxic feminism has a direct impact on the ever-increasing rate of abortion and the birth of bastard children.

Parts of the issues that would be touched and addressed ( if lightly ), include the issues of nudism and how toxic feminism has grown in society to promote an increase in the level of shameless was in society. Nudism has grown to become a trend rather than a thing which society is against.

Also to be discussed in this article is the issue of open/free sex. How sex has gone from being a sacred and private mode of enjoyment to a normal form of recreation that can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

Another solid topic to be touched is how toxic feminism destroys family bonds. This particular topic will highlight how toxic feminism poisons the mind of young girls and turns them against their parents, their male friends, their extended family, the whole male community in their environment and sets them up to fail in whatever type of family set up they choose to be a part of.

The obvious spike in the rate of participation in extramarital affairs has also been linked with the negative and hurtful ideology of toxic feminism. The boost in the ego which the poisonous ideas being passed across through the messages of the toxic feminists provides goes a long way in building resistance against the guilt being passed across by the conscience. This is another one of the issues that would be touched on in this article.

Late conception and several other health issues have also been associated with toxic feminism. These issues will also be touched and lightly discussed.

It is a known fact that nudism has become a thing of the norm. Nowadays, Once a girl's nipple is covered, even if all other parts of her boobs are covered, she is not to be regarded as naked. Anyone who has the slightest audacity to comment on such a dressing or challenge such a person is regarded as a person of backward reasoning or someone whose main attributes are characterized by the attributes associated with toxic masculinity. Once you try to advise or correct a young girl about her mode of dressing which you observe as inappropriate, you are labeled as the enemy.

The issue of sex and all sorts of topics related to it have also gone from being regarded as extremely sacred topics to being an everyday source of discussion for all sorts of peers. All sorts of sex-related topics can now be discussed on national television without anybody batting an eyelid. As a result of this, the rate of immortality has grown sporadically in society. Even among underage teens, sex isn't a strange topic. Although many millennials might see this as a collective growth, when examined closely, it will be observed that this has done no good.

Another important aspect in which toxic feminism has had a great impact adversely is the family.  Due to the constant poisonous messages being heard by young girls, there is a tendency that most of them will grow up to be toxically independent, male hating adults who will oppose the idea of a traditionally happy family setting. A woman who grows up with this kind of mindset ends up distancing herself from most, if not all male members of her family not for what they have done, bit for a belief (which she has grown to believe with every fiber of her being) that all men are evil by default.

Being involved with several partners while being married has also grown to be regarded as a thing of choice. Having several sexual partners is not a strange thing nowadays. The traditional system wherein having more than one sexual partner while being married is now regarded as old and outdated. Nowadays, there are several styles and forms of marriage wherein you are allowed to " browse the market". Although toxic feminists regard this as freedom, when examined closely, it will be noticed that this creates further separation rather than bring the couple together.

Also, late conception and some similar health issues have been related to the ideologies and memorandum of toxic feminists. To many women who have bought into these thoughtless and selfish ideas,  being impregnated by the opposite species I.e men are seen as a sort of defeat. To them, being pregnant defeats the whole purpose of feminism and being independent. These kinds of self-acclaimed independent women get pregnant very late ( if they conceive at all).

Seeing as you have just gone through this article, I think you will agree that the huge increase in the rate of abortion and the birth of bastards is closely tied with the ideologies of toxic feminism.




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